Jun 07, 2007 6:37PM EST
We have the following equipment in stock and ready for

Cisco AS5350XM – PVDM2 Voice (NEW – OPEN BOX)
AS535XM-2T1-V-HC (AS5350XM, 2T1, 2 AS5X-PVDM2-
64)          $7,400
AS535XM-2E1-V-HC (AS5350XM, 2E1, 3 AS5X-PVDM2-
64)          $8,500
AS535XM-4T1-V-HC (AS5350XM, 4T1, 4 AS5X-PVDM2-
64)        $10,300
AS535XM-4E1-V-HC (AS5350XM, 4E1, 5 AS5X-PVDM2-
64)        $11,500
AS535XM-8T1-V-HC (AS5350XM, 8T1, 8 AS5X-PVDM2-
64)        $17,400
AS535XM-8E1-V-HC (AS5350XM, 8E1, 10 AS5X-PVDM2-
64)         $18,800

AS535XM-12E1-V-LC (AS5350XM G.711, 12E1, 6 AS5X-PVDM2-
64)    $17,800
AS535XM-16T1-V-LC (AS5350XM G.711, 16T1, 6 AS5X-PVDM2-
64)    $19,400
AS535XM-CT3-V-LC (AS5350XM G.711, CT3, 11 AS5X-PVDM2-
64)    $26,800

Cisco AS5400XM – PVDM2 Voice (NEW – OPEN BOX)
AS54XM-4T1-V-MC    (AS5400XM, 4T1, 3 AS5X-PVDM2-
64)        $12,500
AS54XM-4E1-V-MC    (AS5400XM, 4E1, 4 AS5X-PVDM2-
64)        $13,500
AS54XM-8T1-V-MC    (AS5400XM, 8T1, 6 AS5X-PVDM2-
64)        $16,800
AS54XM-8E1-V-MC    (AS5400XM, 8E1, 8 AS5X-PVDM2-
64)        $18,900
AS54XM-16T1-V-MC (AS5400XM, 16T1, 12 AS5X-PVDM2-64)   
AS54XM-16E1-V-MC (AS5400XM, 16E1, 15 AS5X-PVDM2-64)   
AS54XM-20E1-V-MC (AS5400XM, 20E1, 19 AS5X-PVDM2-64)   
AS54XM-CT3-V-MC     (AS5400XM, CT3, 21 AS5X-PVDM2-
64)        $41,800

AS54XM-16T1-V-HC (AS5400XM, 16T1, 16 AS5X-PVDM2-
64)        $32,300
AS54XM-16E1-V-HC (AS5400XM, 16E1, 20 AS5X-PVDM2-
64)        $36,700
AS54XM-CT3-V-HC (AS5400XM, CT3, 28 AS5X-PVDM2-
64)        $48,900

AS54XM-16T1-V-LC     (AS5400XM G.711, 16T1, 6 AS5X-
PVDM2-64)    $19,800
AS54XM-20E1-V-LC     (AS5400XM G.711, 20E1, 10 AS5X-
PVDM2-64)    $26,700
AS54XM-CT3-V-LC    (AS5400XM G.711, CT3, 11 AS5X-PVDM2-
64)    $28,800

Other configurations are quoted upon request
DUAL DC power is available upon request

AS5350XM and AS5400XM Components
AS5X-FC            $1,500
AS5X-PVDM2-64        $1,100
AS54-DFC-2CT1/2CE1     $500
AS54-DFC-4CT1/4CE1     $2,200
AS54-DFC-8CT1/8CE1     $3,500
AS54-DFC-CT3A          $8,900

All equipment is fully tested and guaranteed.
90-day warranty is included for all items listed above.

Best regards,
Alex Kay

E-mail: *removed*

Website: http://www.computechnetworks.net

Computech Networks, Inc.

Tel: 1 *removed*
Mbl: 1 *removed*
Fax: *removed*

To inquire: Contact the Buyer


Cisco Systems 

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