Sony CDX-757MX

10-Disc CD Changer CDX-757MX
- Electronic Shock Protection. - 8 times over-sampling digital filter: A digital filter which calculates 7 additional samples between the actual samples, which provides a closer representation the original analog signal, and therefore better sound quality. - 1-bit D/A converter: A type of digital to analog converter who's output is restricted to only two values. Unlike a multi-bit D/A, in which each bit possess it's own corresponding output voltage, a 1-bit D/A's output voltage is expressed by means of the time axis; I.e. PWM or PDM. - Active Servo Control: A proprietary Sony technology for CD and MD players. A circuit which monitors tracking and focus functions, among others, and actively adjusts those functions for optimal performance. - UniLink: Sony's proprietary control bus technology incorporating "serial", two-way communication between all components on the bus. - Custom File: A feature package that provides intuitive and safe source management for an audio and A/V system. Examples include Disc Memo, Station Memo, and Memo List. - Program Play: A Custom File feature that allows the user to define a sequence of 12 tracks, in a specific order, for customized playback. Up to two banks of 12 track sequences can be recalled, for up to 24 tracks total.
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