Case 5068: Forged wire transfer documents by Si Tech

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  • Fraud (Bank, Wire, Criminal, etc)
  • Filed 2010-Mar-18
  • Closed 2010-Apr-15
  • Last Modified 2010-Apr-15
Complainant - Non-Member
6829 Fulton St.
Houston, TX  77022
United States
Defendant - Banned from Tradeloop
Banned from Tradeloop
Sabien Barthez, SI Tech
600 Brooker Creek
Tampa, FL  33601
United States
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#5068-1631 - 18-Mar-2010 5:45 PM   permalink to post 5068-1631
Ethics Posts: 5
statement of the facts:Si Tech ordered P3 computer over the phone and sent PO by email. Money was supposed to have wired before pick up of merchandise. They sent me copy of wire transfer which was forged. After computers were picked by by their agent UPS, they forged letter in my company's name to UPS And picked the computers from UPS warehouse before it was to be delivered. When inquired about payment, they said it was canceled as if I had recalled the shipment based on forged letter. They admitted that they have merchandise as I got proof from UPS. They promised wire transfer but yet to arrive after more than 100 days. Police complaint has been filed for fraud against them in Houston police department and number is 38742610-K for fraud which may be upgraded later to wire fraud as a federal offence.
#5068-1634 - 19-Mar-2010 2:52 PM   permalink to post 5068-1634
Ethics Coordinator
Tradeloop Employee
Tradeloop Corporation
Ethics Posts: 3,115

Dear Sabien Barthez, of SI Tech,

Tradeloop has received a complaint against your company. Per the Tradeloop Terms of Service Agreement and Code of Ethics, all members must respond to ethics complaints. If you do not respond within seven days, the community will be notified that you failed to respond and you will be banned from the service.

Please post a response to the complaint. If you have any questions please address them to

Best Regards,
Tradeloop Ethics Coordinator

#5068-1639 - 23-Mar-2010 1:22 PM   permalink to post 5068-1639
Ethics Posts: 15

My apologies for the late reply as I was out sick with the flu.

First of all no one from our company EVER sent or sends "forged" or "fraudulent" documents, this is something that an individual named "Jay Singh" came up with in a smear campaign that he is trying to run against us on the internet.

I've looked over the notes pertaining to this transaction with Mr. Patel and it appears that there was some kind of confusion relating to this shipment and it was sent back to him. We have the shipment receipt from the 3rd party logistics company that handled it and I'm requesting proof of delivery right now as well. This was shipped on January 8th as Mr. Patel stated that he would be away until the first week of January.

I have looked through all our mail correspondence and my emails and don't see any invoice from Compurecyclers or any past due notice. This complaint was instigated by "Jay Singh" who has been running a smear campaign against us on the internet and the law is looking very thoroughly into that based on the information we give them, and the answers of Tradeloop in response to his false rumors.

I don't know where this grievance came from - it's 2 months after his shipment was sent back. I am somewhat familiar with Mr. Patel's company and I even called them a few weeks ago when I was looking for CRT monitors in TX, and nobody mentioned anything of this sort to me during the call, even though I identified myself.

We back up every statement we make with documents.

This is my personal direct number - you can reach me anytime - I am the company director.


#5068-1640 - 23-Mar-2010 2:47 PM   permalink to post 5068-1640
Ethics Posts: 5
There is no confusion on my part. You had ordered these computers with PO and was supposed to have wired money that day. I got forged wire advice from your company and wire never came. It was never sent back to us. You still have it or already sold them. If you have looked at all mail correspondence then you must seen my several email requesting for wire. You are talking of third party company who called several time to deliver goods but never did. Last somebody from that company called was in late February. SO it could not have been delivered. My company was closed for 6 weeks and they could not have delivered at my location as it was locked. I had told Lisa, your representative about this. She was again told me she will do wire transfer.

I have left several messages to call back at least 30 times form USA, Malaysia, Singapore as well as from India. No reply for emails or phone calls. This is the first time I am here back from anybody in your company. It is all after I filed police complaint about forgery.
Terms of the deal was wire transfer before picking up the material. I had released the material after you sent me wire transfer advice which was forged.

There was nothing about sending material back. You wanted it to be shipped same day so you can supply to your buyer. Your representative forged another letter of authorization to obtain merchandise from UPS so that you have already shipped merchandise to your buyer.

It will be advisable for you to send me the money you owe to me to avoid charges.

You have my number all along so you could have called me. But you never called for anything, not even for monitors. There is no past due notice as terms were not on credit but immediate wire transfer.

I am not Jay Singh and this is not a smear campaign, It's a genuine forgery complaint in Houston police which will soon be upgraded to a federal crime for wire fraud. I had called for more that 100 times for my money but there is always nobody at other end and voice mail have no effect.. I was overseas and hence not filed police complaint which I did after returning to USA.

I will be waiting for my money or actions will be taken be sure of it.
Tushar Patel

#5068-1654 - 26-Mar-2010 3:31 PM   permalink to post 5068-1654
Ethics Posts: 5
Mr. Sabien called me and agreed that they owe us money and promised to pay by end of business day today. I still waiting for confirmation of wire transfer. I wrote him a email after his request that business transaction will be considered over after he makes full payment. Let's see if he fulfills his promise today.
#5068-1672 - 30-Mar-2010 12:29 PM   permalink to post 5068-1672
Committee Member
Ethics Posts: 1,026
Good afternoon. Is there an update on the payment of this money please?
#5068-1673 - 30-Mar-2010 2:49 PM   permalink to post 5068-1673
Ethics Posts: 5
Hi Mr. Belbin,
Original terms were wire transfer. Until last Thurday, end of business day was deadline which was extended because he wanted to have in writing that I will case which was my Lawyer was working against his company to pull back. I sent him email saying that will do. So by Friday he was supposed to have wired me the money. I did not get any information of wire and called him on end of the day. He told me instead of wire, he is sending me certified check which I am still waiting for. According him, it should have been im my mailbox by today latest. I have not got that in today's mail. I do not know is that this is one sort of delaying tactics.
#5068-1694 - 07-Apr-2010 11:52 AM   permalink to post 5068-1694
Ethics Posts: 5
Hi Mr. Belbin,
I have received information on bank account that check is deposited. Mr. Sabien has failed to send me a copy of deposit slip on several request. I am really pissed off as just now I got bill from UPS as Mr sabien failed to pay for the consignment and now it is billed to us. So I would consider as partially payment is made by a check for which I need to wait for 2 weeks to see that it really clears.
#5068-1721 - 12-Apr-2010 12:34 PM   permalink to post 5068-1721
Ethics Posts: 15

Dear Tradeloop,

Thank you for your patience. I hadn't posted to this case for a while as I had to thoroughly investigate the matter before making comments. It seemed from Mr. Patel's posts that he was genuinely upset and had a genuine issue, and based on that I immediately looked into it and have been in touch with him since. I was concerned that perhaps I had jumped the gun on my assumption that this was something made up by Jay Singh - I always try to avoid rushing to judgment but the terminology and words Mr. Patel used in his complaint are words no one had ever used before in lieu of our company and that is where I see a strong parallel.

We would like to clarify though; no document was ever 'forged' or anything of this nature ever, we don't do such things, period. Apparently he received a wire template copy for scheduling the following weekday. I also never received any emails from Mr. Patel at all or any correspondence in the mail, etc previous to this complaint. Mr. Patel said he was in touch with Lisa, a former employee and that she had made commitments to him.

My main concern was that he said after his departure from the States on Jan 17th he had made over thirty calls and received no answer. After requesting phone records for the time he indicated we didn't find any calls from his numbers. My only assumption in this regard, taking his word on the number of calls- is that his calls may have been from 'anonymous' or blocked numbers, in which case they would've been routed to a 'Telemarketer' mailbox that is periodically deleted and not typically checked.

Based on my own findings, that the shipping company apparently mistakenly delivered the equipment to a wrong address, I immediately arranged for and had him refunded. We also offered to and did pay him interest from the date of the invoice to the date of his updated invoice in the end of March. Mr. Patel received the refund and I contacted his bank for assurance to which they also confirmed that the funds are released and available.

I noticed he mentioned a freight bill and we contacted him with regards to it. I'm not sure why he would receive a bill from the freighter, but I asked him to fax over the bill so we can inquire from our side. Any shipping charges are our concern and therefore he wouldn't be charged nor would be paying anything since the shipping was done on our account.

For the record, we did send the copies of his deposit to his email and this was my suggestion and not his request.

Thanks for your attention.

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