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Why Tradeloop is the Safest Wholesale Community

Our Ethics Process is the best in the Industry

Complaints between Members are heard by the 15 volunteers of our Ethics Committee, who will attempt to mediate and if needed vote on sanctions. Tradeloop developed and runs this unique blog based process, but Members make all the decisions. Read more about why Tradeloop is the safest trading community.

The Community Sets the Rules for Membership

A 15 member volunteer Membership Committee establishes Tradeloop's Membership Requirements, reviews new applicants, and advises on industry issues such as counterfeiting and the illegal sale of COA's. Read more about the Membership Committee.

We Strictly Validate all New Members

All new Members are strictly validated and assigned a risk score. They go through an application cycle then through a probationary period. At the discretion of the Membership Committee they may be required to answer questions or supply additional documents or trade references.

Look for Companies with the Ethics Seal

When you see a Dealer displaying the Ethics Seal, you know they are legitimate and ethical. They are a Tradeloop Member who has agreed to participate in the Ethics Process.
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Recent Cases

Original shipping instructions followed, but $940.70 in FedEx charges in dispute May 12, 2016
Pre-paid $5,050 for 1TB SATA HDDs, items never received. Mar 30, 2016
Paid $13,860 via paypal, for workstations that were supposed to ship but have not. Mar 02, 2016
Original shipping instructions followed, but $631 in UPS charges in dispute. Feb 29, 2016
$26,260 for computers, androids, monitors and cables. Items missing and damaged. Jan 27, 2016

Tradeloop's Ethics Committee

Benjamin Ingwersen
Benjamin Ingwersen at Frontier Computer Corporation
Traverse City, MI
Aaron Sharar
Aaron Sharar at Dynamic ITAD
Onalaska, WI
Fred Dikeman at Data Instruments, Inc
Marietta, GA
Paul Harjono
Paul Harjono at Tortech Group
Stouffville, Canada

Tradeloop's Advisory Committee

Chandraprakash Parekh at
Bangalore, India
Howard Schoenfeld at Verified Systems
Garden City, NY
Marc Drews at World Data Products
Minnetonka, MN
Naveen Agarwal
Naveen Agarwal at Microdot LLC
Charlotte, NC
Pierre Lavarenne at Sunterra Equipments Inc
Quebec City, Canada
Sheila Moore
Sheila Moore at MIT Services
Bushey Heath, United Kingdom
Hear from our Customers »

Read their Rave Reviews.

How Tradeloop's Ethics Process Keeps you Safe

Other Trading Networks claim to have an "Ethics Process" but dig a little deeper and you'll find their "process" is to either sweep complaints under the rug or to become the judge and jury with their paying customers. Tradeloop has always believed that it becomes a conflict of interest for a Trading Network to have to repeatedly decide whether or not to ban paying customer. The only impartial way to do it is through a committee. Tradeloop's volunteer committee consists of a diverse group of industry experts who are diverse in both geography and product lines. They only hear cases where they have no stake in the outcome. There is no fairer way to resolve disputes.

How did Tradeloop Establish the Ethics Process?

Years ago Tradeloop was the endorsed network for a Trade Association called the "Information Technology Resellers Association" (ITRA). Part of our agreement was that Tradeloop Members had to abide by the ITRA's Code of Ethics, which was based on the code of an older association called the Computer Dealers and Lessors Association (CDLA). Many years ago, the ITRA folded into the ASCDI, another Trade Association who also had a code of ethics derived from the CDLA. At this time, Tradeloop took the Ethics Process in house, and kept the CDLA's Code as our own. We felt the "conference call/paper" based process used by the Associations did not fit with our internet roots, so we developed a unique blog based process where the participants can make their case, the committee can ask questions, and the debate privately in a secure area before voting online. After ten years of trial and error and continued development, we now have an extremely effective system for handling complaints.

Why Tradeloop has a Membership Committee

Many industry issues are not "ethics complaints" between one member and another. Issues like identifying counterfeit equipment, licensing issues, illegal sale of software. The variety of issues across hundreds of manufacturers is staggering. It would be very difficult or any one organization to become experts in every issue. We've found the most effective way to handle industry issues is to tap into the expertise of the industry. Fortunately we have a committee of experts to help. We've found that industry peers dig deeper and ask more pointed and relevant questions, and without any financial stake they can remain completely impartial.

Furthermore, having a Committee of experts review the new applicants has reduced the incidence of people joining to commit fraud to a negligible amount.

Hear from our Customers »

Read their Rave Reviews.

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