How Tradeloop Works

How It Works
Why Trading Here is Safe »

Learn how the Ethics Process Works..

It's Free to Join

To get started follow a few simple steps. Create a profile. Agree to our Terms of Service. Tell us what you deal in so we can match you to Trading Partners.

It's Free to Respond to Deals

Search and Browse the three main Trading Areas on Tradeloop. Set up alerts, and respond to deals posted by our Members.

It's Free to Build a Custom Network

Find Dealers you want to do business with and create your own private network within Tradeloop focused on the dealers you choose. Broadcast your requirements to them and receive their updates. It's all free to use.

Becoming a Member

Anyone can use Tradeloop for free as a "Non-Member". But if you are a serious and reputable Dealer; consider applying for Membership.

  • Membership shows your credibility. Only quality, legitimate companies will be approved. Dealers only.
  • To limit their exposure to fraud, many Members restrict their posts to Tradeloop Members only. About half the content is "Members Only".
  • Many features on the site such as price histories, ethics case details, and reports like "who has been searching" and "who has been viewing my profile" are available to Members only.
  • Members can see full contact info and can always contact any other user. Non-Member must make a connection first.
  • Members can reply directly to Broadcasts via email. Non-Member must respond online.
  • Members can send Broadcasts to the whole community
  • Members can upload their entire stocklist to make it available for searching.
  • Memberships start at just $99/month.

Why does Tradeloop Work?

Because there are enough users for you to make deals no matter what your niche. If you deal in a large niche like Disk Drives, or IBM or Sun, you'll see hundreds of Broadcasts and Parts. And even if you deal in something more obscure, you can search the three different Trading areas where you will certainly find Dealers similar to yourself. With Tradeloop you can build a custom network and populate it just with those dealers, and use all the Tools available on Tradeloop just for your own custom list.

Why does it not work?

The biggest reason people give when leaving the site is "I didn't use it". You get out of it what you put in. If you don't fill out a complete profile, don't try and make any connections, don't post what you are buying or selling, don't try and improve your "matches", don't send a broadcast, don't list your inventory; if you don't do anything.. then you won't do any business. If you do even some of these things, you will recoup your investment 100 fold or more. We have customer trainers who offer all new users a free 15 minute one on one overview of the site, and we have a video help page so you can explore it on your own time. Get involved!

Our History and Why Tradeloop is the Best Choice.

Tradeloop is the original Trading Network (aka "B2B Exchange") for the Secondary IT market (IT "Aftermarket"), dating back to the mid 1990's. We had to wait for most of our audience to get online so our first offering included a monthly book and a daily fax. For many, Tradeloop was the first website they ever went to. Most of the features that have become standard to Trading Networks, like a "Broadcast Section," a searchable "Trading Floor," an "automated email upload of parts," and "buy/sell matching alerts" were pioneered by Tradeloop years before the rest. But we aren't resting on our history. Compare the features on our site today to our competition. You will see we are still the innovator in this space today. If you want to see the future of Trading Networks look at Tradeloop today. But we aren't just about features. It's about our customers.

Our Members run the network. They make the decisions about who is allowed in, and who should be sanctioned. We firmly believe that our job is to build and maintain the framework while the community sets its own rules.

And we pride ourselves on customer service. We answer all emails within 15 minutes. And our staff is knowledgeable. The average employee has been with us over 5 years.

Our mission in to create the perfect Wholesale B2B site and service. We are well on our way.

Why Trading Here is Safe »

Learn How the Ethics Process Works.

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Please Become a Member

Members can send Broadcasts, upload load inventory to sell, and contact each other without a connection. Most features on Tradeloop are limited to Members-Only. Just look for the padlocks

Show your support to safe trading by displaying a Tradeloop Certification. In an industry heavy with fraud, Members don't trust non-member. They limit about half the content on Tradeloop to "Members Only". Become a Member to access this content. And to be trusted. Plus your generous support will help keep the industries only free Ethics & Fraud Database free.

Memberships start at $50 per month, with a 20% discount for paying yearly. Plus you can receive 30 days free by attending a webinar training.

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