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Chhabra Enterprises/ We are a wholesale, Import/Export business dealing with parts for laptops, like slimline drives (DVD, DVDRW, CD, CDRW), and AC DC Adapters. We also sell Apple/Mac iPads and iPhones (Large Volume)
Indu / Shawn Chhabra   Send Email
St. Louis MO 63132
Indu Chhabra   Send Email
St. Louis MO 63132
Ronald Robertson   Send Email
St. Louis MO 63132
Pyramid Technology Services, Inc. We have 25 years of experience providing new and refurbished servers, storage, and networking equipment along with the services to set them up and maintain them at peak efficiency . We are a specialized reseller of  Hewlett-Packard (Compaq, DEC), Enterasys/Extreme, Cisco, Dell, and SUN and provide a wide range of computer, networking, automation and consulting solutions to customers all over the world. We have great solutions for Virtualization Backup and COLO or moving to the cloud for DR. We offer VEEAM, VMWARE and Microsoft licenses as a registered partner. We offer new, used and refurbished equipment.  We also offer the best support contract options and for the end user.
Jonathan Anapol   Send Email
Maynard MA 01754
Rudra Bhattacharjee   Send Email
Maynard MA 01754
Stacy Gianakura   Send Email
01754 MA 01821
Geri Keough   Send Email
Maynard MA 01754
Joel Nimar   Send Email
Maynard MA 01754
Joel Nimar   Send Email
Maynard MA 01754
Joel Nimar   Send Email
Maynard MA 01754
Dave Whipple   Send Email
Maynard MA 01754
Earl Saxton   Send Email
Fruitland WA 99129
James Silver   Send Email
Jamaica NY 11435
Phil Arnold   Send Email
London United Kingdom
WHAT WE DO Hardware * Computers for every budget * Quality refurbished computers, monitors and equipment priced well below retail * Repairs and upgrades * Customized builds At Computer Medic, we rarely meet a problem we cannot solve. We fix the unusual, nonroutine problems that leave other guys stumped. Mac Repair We have years of experience repairing MacIntoshes, and are familiar with all the common problems that occur in these computers. Laptop Repair We service all major laptop brands. If your laptop has a problem, we can fix it, at a price that is more than fair. If it isnt economical to fix, we will tell you, and point you in the right direction for a solution. Networking Does your home or office need to be networked? We have deep experience with wired and wireless configurations. Let us get you connnected! Software Solutions We can help you sort out your software difficulties. Weve been doing this a long time and know how to solve most common software issues. Security The Internet is a wonderful thing, but it is also a very dangerous place for the unprepared. The malware industry is a giant, multi-billion dollar, multinational enterprise involving criminal syndicates all over the world. Malware (software designed to carry out some unauthorized purpose) takes many forms. It can slow your computer to a crawl, turn your machine into a spam-spewing zombie, or even steal your identity and wipe out your bank account. Dont let that happen to you. At Computer Medic, we HATE malware. We will get rid of any malware and keep it away with powerful software tools. Data Recovery Your data is precious. If your hard drive is failing, we can usually recover your data, using patented powerful software tools. In the event that your drive requires a clean room recovery, we partner with some of the most advanced drive recovery firms in the country. If your data is recoverable, we will get it back for you, at a price you can live with. Recycling At Computer Medic, we believe in reusing and recycling whenever possible, so we will gladly recycle your unwanted computer or monitor. We partner with state-of-the-art recycling firms that efficiently remove all reusable materials from discarded computers and monitors, and responsibly dispose of only the tiny fraction that cannot be recycled.
Scott Snell   Send Email
Austin TX 78704
We wholesale Lexmark and Hp Laser printers in Used, Refurbished or As-Is condition. Contact for details 1-866-747-6784
Matthew Isganaitis   Send Email
Montreal QC H2W 1Z3 Canada
Brenda Bent   Send Email
Toulon IL 61483
We're experts at managing and supporting IT operationsfor both small and large organizations. We help our clients find new freedom. They're free from IT downtime... Free from being overrun by end-user support issues... Free from the hassle of keeping up with technology choices and upgrades... We offer almost any I.T. solution from Cincinnati's best in consulting, website design, web hosting, support, computer repair, networking, online remote backup, email marketing and product purchase support through our partnerships with Microsoft and Dell. Contact us today and let us show you what we can do for you
Joe Stan   Send Email
Norwood OH 45212
1 Source IT Maintenanance Support specalists, parts and system sales.
Leon Spyrou   Send Email
Leicester LE19 4SA United Kingdom
Albert Fou   Send Email
Brooklyn NY 11230
We are looking to buy Dual Core Laptops. All Makes and Modals in Large Quantity in wholesale Prices. We buy Desktops as well. Were Located in Dandrige, Tn our office number is 865-940-2126. Cell 865-936-8663.
Eric West   Send Email
Dandrige TN 37725
Shaun Moen   Send Email
White Lake MI 48386
Kofo Akinmade   Send Email
Springfield VA 22150
Jeffrey Goodall   Send Email
Sebring FL 33870
end user
Bruno Chabot   Send Email
quebec QC G2E 6C5 Canada
Bob Adams   Send Email
Burbank CA 91505
Mubashar Khan   Send Email
United Kingdom
Wander de Jong   Send Email
Harmelen 3481MC Netherlands
Anthony Romano   Send Email
Margate FL 33063
Gerry Bakker   Send Email
West Kelowna BC V4T2T7 Canada
Retailer in computers that are specifically designed for the user.
Darren Juniper   Send Email
Macleod 3085 Australia
Bernard Mcrae   Send Email
Stockbridge GA 30281
We are the importer and dealer of the Brand named laptops and parts, we would like to buy the quality used laptops and parts for our customers.
Mon Hau   Send Email
Scarborough ON M1V 3E5 Canada
Richard Marion   Send Email
Mississauga ON L5A 3M2 Canada
Fidelma Sheehan   Send Email
We are 1 two 3 computer cop, is a leading US Wholesale and Exporter of CRT Monitors, LCD Monitors, Systems PIII & PIV Laptops, Refurnished Monitors, etc. The range of our product line, good quality, and competitive prices have made us one of the fastest growing companies of its kind in USA. Our Company Located in New York, Montreal and Egypt Also we have a very large Warehouse in MC around 14000 SF enable us introduce a wide variety of Monitors & systems. These stock are of good ...
Atif Fath El Bab   Send Email
Brooklyn NY 11201
Dealer in wholesale computer products.
Rick Hung   Send Email
Brampton ON L6W 2B8 Canada
one sentence
Virgil Turner   Send Email
Brecon LD3 0WG United Kingdom
Sam Harris   Send Email
Braintree 12345 United Kingdom
David Campbell   Send Email
Prairieville LA 70769
Pierre Mongrain   Send Email
Qu├ębec QC G1J 1K4 Canada
Patrick Peeters   Send Email
Voerendaal 6367HA Netherlands
Rudolph Saliba   Send Email
calgary AB t3y 4k4 Canada
Jim Eng   Send Email
Markham ON Canada
Samir Rana   Send Email
Fort McMurray AB T9K2S6 Canada
We specialize in buying laptops, towers, monitors for export purposes.
Fahad Abid   Send Email
Toronto ON m9n 2r5 Canada
Ramon Lora   Send Email
New York NY 10032
Sam Cornwell   Send Email
Portsmouth PO6 1PA United Kingdom
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