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SMC Networks EH2041S

EtherHub-16s+ (EH2041S)
Accton's EtherHub-16s+ is a key member of Accton's family of EtherHub 500 products. Its sophisticated microprocessor-based design keeps your network running at all times. In addition to a full complement of 16 10BASE-T station ports, it supports cascading via a daisy-chain port and backbone connection via 10BASE2 or 10BASE5 media. With all these features, the EtherHub-16s+ hub fits into virtually every Ethernet workgroup. The cost-effective EtherHub-16s+ fits every budget -- both at initial network startup and during expansion. Start your network with 16 10BASE-T station ports. The EtherHub-16s+ supports three standard interfaces: 10BASE-T (RJ-45), 10BASE2 (BNC) and 10BASE5 (AUI); to make a FOIRL connection, just add Accton's TransOptics-II fiber-optics transceiver. Moreover, you can daisy-chain up to four additional Accton Ethernet hubs as your workgroup grows using category 3, 4 or 5 UTP/STP cable.

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