Wholesale JVC Audio / Video Equipment RX-6010VBK


RX-6010VBK Dolby Digital/DTS Receiver
The RX-6010VBK provides high performance without the high price point. With 100 watts per channel for all 5 channels, the RX-6010VBK has the power necessary for todays demanding digital movie soundtracks. By using all discrete output devices, rather than inexpensive IC's, the RX-6010VBK ensures greater clarity, low distortion and wide dynamic range. - JVC Unified A/V Remote Control. - Dolby Digital and DTS decoders built-in for theater quality surround from digital sources. - Dolby Pro Logic in Full Digital Processing. - Fully Discrete Outputs to ensure greater fidelity and longer life. - Digital Acoustics Processor (DAP) with 5 preset sound fields digitally recreates these venues in your own home. - Enhanced Comp Link control system. - Fluorescent Display. - Line level Sub Out.

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