Our 25th year!

All Members are Verified

Only the best companies can buy & sell to the general public with Tradeloop.
Elevate your game & get certified today!

Pro Certification

  • 130-point certification program to buy & sell on public & members-only sites
  • Awarded for demonstrating organization competency
  • Applicants vetted by membership committee
  • New members dispute free for 6 months
  • Certified Members receive license to display certification in sales & marketing materials.

Due Diligence Reports

  • Access detailed verification reporting on all members
  • Detailed compliance reports speed up downstream diligence requirements
  • Trust/Risk scores based on daily activity
  • 3rd party risk assessment data, online reputation research, industry standing, bank & trade references, staff reviews, & more!

Dispute Resolution

  • As the industry watchdog, we have access to exclusive reports & reviews
  • Our Complaint Board & Ethics Committee review complaints & provide dispute resolution for the entire IT trading marketplace.
  • We run this service for the industry. If you feel you've been ripped off (even on a competitor's site), file a complaint through us!

Tradeloop Ethics

Disputes are handled by a volunteer committee.

Due Diligence Report

Like a credit report, detailed verification reporting on all members

Tradeloop Certification

Demonstrate the competency needed to service end-users.

Other Benefits of Membership

Post your buys and sells to thousands of qualified traders.
Great for SEO
Connect your Entire Inventory.
Real-Time Alerts. Be the first to know.
Research the Market with Powerful Tools
Custom storefronts. Build your Brand.
Each employee gets their own profile.

Three Networks in One

1. Sell in the general public marketplace
Post to the public to get responses from thousands of buyers looking for the wholesale goods posted by our members.

2. Trade with verified members only
Our Members are mostly B2B resellers looking to buy and sell in bulk with the public and other members.

3. Trade with your own custom Trading Network
A social network where you can connect to your partners, just like LinkedIn.

Predictable Monthly Subscription

Do deals with other members offline, with no transaction fees.