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Reach thousands of verified buyers and sellers with your listings

Market your wholesale buying and selling needs to a huge audience of verified traders and the public using Tradeloop's online listing tools.
Thousands of ITADs, dealers, and eBay sellers connect via Tradeloop to move product in bulk across the resale channel. And thousands of distributors and dealers provide hard-to-find parts to maintenance companies who service and repair legacy equipment. By marketing your listings with our easy-to-use online tools and email broadcasts, you can reach thousands of potential buyers and sellers instantly.

Promote your online presence with a custom storefront and branded URL

Showcase your current inventory, your brand, and your team all in one place.
Your custom storefront will feature your company name, logo, and a branded URL that you can use to promote your online presence. A Tradeloop custom storefront makes it easier for buyers and sellers to find you and establishes your company as a trusted the marketplace.

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Get three networks in one

Filter and customize your trading experience to suit your specific business needs.

Tradeloop offers you three networks in one, allowing you to filter and customize your trading experience to suit your specific business needs.

1. The public marketplace:
Reach an audience of thousands by selling directly to users on our public marketplace.

2. The members-only exchange:
Trade with other verified members for bulk buying and selling.

3. Your custom trading network:
Connect with your partners through your own custom trading network.

We enable you to streamline the trading process, making it easy to find what you're looking for and close deals quickly.

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Boost your trading reputation and security with Tradeloop Certified Membership

Tradeloop has a rigorous four-step certification process in place to ensure that all members are reputable.
Our 130-point certification program allows you to confidently buy and sell in our trading network. Certification is awarded to those who demonstrate organizational competency and are vetted by our membership committee. Members with dispute-free trading histories can display their certification badges in marketing materials. Tradeloop Certification represents trustworthiness and a positive reputation to your customers and trading partners.

Evaluate potential trading partners with Due Diligence Reports

Minimize risks, improve negotiating power, and develop a trading network you can trust.Tradeloop Due Diligence Reports provide all the information you need to make informed decisions.
Make informed decisions when evaluating a potential supplier or customer. Our Due Diligence Reports provide you with the most up-to-date and accurate information available, including comprehensive analyses covering financial, legal, operational, reputational, and fraud checks that help you identify potential financial risks, ensure compliance, spot potential fraudulent activities, and assess a company's reputation in the market and ability to deliver on its promises.

Be assured of fair and impartial handling of ethics disputes

Ethics disputes are handled by a volunteer committee of industry experts, and members get exclusive and unlimited access to our database of ethics cases.
Tradeloop has served as the industry watchdog for over 25 years. Our Ethics Committee reviews complaints and offers dispute resolution for the entire IT trading marketplace. Industry members can file a complaint with us, even if the dispute occurred on a competitor's site. The independent committee ensures fair and impartial resolution of disputes. Certified Tradeloop Members benefit from our commitment to transparency and accountability, with unlimited access to all ethics case records.
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Enhance your search engine optimization strategy

Achieve global reach via Google and other major search engines when you place a listing on Tradeloop.
Featuring on the major search engines is top priority and a challenge for many companies. When you place a listing on Tradeloop, it also automatically becomes searchable outside of the website on major search engines, like Google, greatly increasing your company’s visibility.

Invite your whole team at no extra charge

No per-seat licensing means unlimited users, even for big companies.
For no extra cost, Tradeloop offers unlimited employee profiles, which include contact info, specialties, trading network, and ethics review results. Employee profiles showcase your team's expertise and enable you and your team to connect with potential buyers and verify the credentials of other members.

Research the market with
powerful tools

Make informed purchasing decisions with powerful market research tools.
Discover possible customers with 'Who Viewed My Profile' and stay on top of market trends with 'Top Searches'. Never miss out on a potential sale with 'Search Matches Inventory', which sends alerts when relevant inventory is uploaded.

Achieve More with Tradeloop: Real Members, Real Results

Tradeloop is a very good fit for our business and many IT remarketing businesses around the world, the web interface is user friendly and they always improve functions. Tradeloop helped us in both sourcing and marketing equipment with many users worldwide.
Moamen Elsheikh
U.S. Technology Recycling Group LTD
During my first month as a Member of Tradeloop I was able to immediately find new business contacts, not just from the USA, but internationally as well. Discovering new contacts so quickly was proof of the value a site like Tradeloop can provide. Glad we found you guys.
Jack Deng
Zen Heaven International Co., Ltd.
Tradeloop has helped grow our business immeasurably over the years. Not only do they provide a robust yet easy-to-use marketplace, but they do so with a level of trust and safety that is unmatched in our industry.
Noah La Liberte
Dynamic IT Hardware
Tradeloop provides us with a vast network of buyers and sellers all over the world at the touch of a button. It’s a great tool for my team that is very easy to use!
Jason Harr
PC Server and Parts
Tradeloop is one of the most diverse and safest professional IT platforms, where we are successful in connecting and establishing new IT trade contacts.
Aleyna Dar
Alta E Solutions, Inc.

Trade directly, efficiently, and securely for a fixed subscription fee

Get access to premium features, a secure trading environment, and a community of 1,000s of certified traders for low, fixed subscription fee.
With a single, predictable and regularly occurring payment, you can streamline your budgeting and avoid unexpected costs or fees. As a member, you’ll get exclusive access to valuable trading tools, research reports, and our community of verified traders, all within the framework of safe and regulated trading community.

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Tradeloop is the oldest and most trusted network, with over 25 years in operation. Sign up now, and start trading with confidence!
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