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About Tradeloop

Tradeloop’s Mission

Tradeloop’s mission is help improve the IT secondary computer market. Not only by providing an efficient trading platform, but also through initiatives to solve the problems of fraud, counterfeiting, sustainability, e-Waste, data breaches, and through legislative efforts to give consumers the right to repair their digital devices.

About Tradeloop

For over twenty years, Tradeloop has been the wholesale network of choice for ITAD’s, Recyclers, Refurbishers, Brokers, and other professional traders in the IT secondary market. With thousands of members from nearly every country, Tradeloop members easily buy and sell used, off-lease, and refurbished systems, as well as bulk quantities and hard to find computer parts and components.

Tradeloop is a safe place to trade because the Tradeloop Ethics Committee, a team of industry volunteers, handles complaints to assure the ethical behavior of the membership, and the Membership Committee oversees new applicants and other member issues.

Tradeloop also plays a key role in the industry, with ongoing relationships with all the leading organizations, associations, and service providers, including our competition. Tradeloop has membership in the key trade associations, attends and often speaks at the major conferences, and provide anonymized data to several academic/NGO organizations for research into sustainability issues. Tradeloop has established procedures for dealing with legal requests and law enforcement, due to the key role in managing ethics disputes for the industry.

The Tradeloop Team

Tradeloop’s team has more than 40 years combined computer industry experience. Founded in 1995 by CEO Rohi Sukhia, a EE graduate of Cornell University and Intel Corp. veteran, Tradeloop was funded by investors from Intel, some of the founders of Allaire Corporation, and via an investment by CNET (CBS Interactive). Technical guru Brian Sweeney oversees site development and technical operations. Leading the teams that ensure our customers get the most out of the Tradeloop experience is Adam Cirrone, our Director of Customer Success.

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